Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Family on a hike up to Bedding
 Chad and I have passed over Tashilapsa pass (5765m or 18700ft) from the Rowaling and arrived for shopping and R&R in Namche. Are time in the Rowaling was a journey of the hart, visiting friends telling story's and receiving a beautiful Puja.We hiked to great vistas and beautiful lakes as well a climbed Yalang Ri ( 5570m or 1800ft ) in classic Chad style ( 8hr round trip from Na, 1400m or 4600ft ). Once we decided to head out of the valley it started to snow and all the other trekkers turned back so it was left up to us to navigate the upper valley in new snow and make are way over the pass. As part of are Puja we where told to put prayer flags in the pass, we strung five lines of flags together and tied them to cairn's at the highest point and watched in amazement as the wind blew the sacred energy of the Rowaling and prayers for a safe climb into the Solu Kumbu.

David, Norbu and Chad in Norbu's home

Kata placed for Joe.

The Lady's of Cheekamu, Chhon Jum Sherpa and Chhring Yangzum Sherpa

Upper Rowaling

Tashilapsa Pass ( 5765m 1800ft)

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