Friday, November 25, 2011

Pangbuk Ri, climbed

2:00am wake up, 4:00am start
Its is time for me to get some pictures from are climb out, Chad wrote a nice peace at his site and I plan on giving it more with time, but for the moment I will give out the images and work on the story later when my batteries are recharged. Thanks to all who have waited. One other thing, we burned out on taking pictures as it got dark and on the nerve racking decent (see last shot in post for a idea), so you will see shots from the first day and the following morning on the summit. The rest will have to be shared in word.
Heading up to the up the day before to climb the waterfall and leave ropes set.

Chad climbing water ice to leave set up for following morning (the ropes got frozen in and I spent at least a hour re-climbing it and chopping out the ropes in the dark on the summit push).

We soloed above the waterfall for about 300m before roping up.
Many hanging (OK leaning) belays on this climb
Chad leading very typical terrain on the climb.

We mostly found Ice, but ran into some long run outs on the way.             Photo C Kellogg

Chad reaches a dead end and we rappel down the other side into another runnel.
The runnels just kept coming.
Ice fall in a shoot off to my left.    Photo C Kellogg

Sun setting on Everest.
My last picture before night fall.

This and the above shot are from the next morning on the summit.

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  1. Hey David !
    Congratulations on your summitting Pangbuk Ri ! Must have been a climb to remember... Ever since I met you guys in Namche (I'm Antoine from France), I kept on checking the news. Happy for you !
    Take care and enjoy Nepal if you're still around.