Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last day in Kathmandu

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 We started out the day by getting are meds right at the java then headed to the ministry of tourism for the normal bureaucratic experience. The rest of the day was spent doing final packing. We leave at 5am and will be out of communications for the next two weeks. All post when we get to Namche.
Wild life down town

All the hard work pays off
Ya, that's me on the billboard


  1. He zoned out, finished off my man's wiz
    He let the pitbull out, big head Bruno with the little shark's teeth chargin'
    Foamin' out the mouth, I'm scared
    Frank screamin', blowin' shots in the air
    Missin' his target, off the Frigidare, it grazed my ear.

    -- Best Wishes!

  2. Hope the mountain is treating you well. Go big or go home. I love that I'm a sponsor. You needs to come through sf on your journey home, so I can get you fed with some awesome farmers market vegan specials. Love you BIG D