Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Total posting fail

Well the end of last years climbing trip was hard. I got a productive upper respiratory infection and could not kick it at base camp. I descended and waited for Chad in Namche, staying sick the whole time. Still sick (coughing with fever and stomach cramps) we walked down to Lukla where Chad flew out so he could make his flight home. I have to say it was hard to be stoked for Chads awesome solo of Joe and I's line on Jobo Ringjang, in that I was so sick. I was afraid to go to Kathmandu to quickly (to much pollution) so I chose to hike out with Dawa. The first day was rough, but then the fever broke that evening. The hike out was beautiful and gave me much to be thankful for, reminding me how beautiful the earth is and are time on it. Hell just to have the opportunity to try and climb in the mountains is a blessing. This is why I was not in the mood to post about any of it. I simply wanted to move on to traveling with Julie and put climbing trip behind me.

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