Saturday, September 1, 2012


Another journey to the Nepal Himalaya has started well. This time I am honored to be joined by Chad Kellogg for the next two months of trekking and climbing.  My plan is to take a car to Singati and hike into the Rolwaling to acclimatize and do our puja .  After that we hope to hike over Tashilapsa pass and meet our friend and cook Dawa in Namche. From there it is off to the base of the mountain behind the small village of Chule  where I plan on setting up base camp. The mountain we hope to climb is called Pangbuk  Ri.                    

Pangbuk Ri is the center mountain, I believe the left summit is the highest.


  1. Great to see you back in Kathmandu brother, I hope you have a safe and good climb.. See you both when you get back to Kathmandu...

  2. Hey Dave! Haven't run into you in many a year. Last time was in Anchorage I believe - have a great trip. Hope all is well.

    Ben (from way back lighting fireworks on the Kahiltna)